Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Vintage Pattern Wiki

A few of you, if you know me personally, know that I love vintage patterns. I love sewing, but vintage dresses are a soft spot for me. I wear pants, and I treasure a great pair of jeans, but I wear skirts whenever I can.

A blog I read, A Dress A Day, announced today that there is a vintage pattern wiki out there now! So far it's very small, but you can get reviews and information on a pattern that you want or even already own on the wiki. I'm excited. I've already fallen in love with a few of the patterns posted. I'll probably have to contribute my own, as a few months ago I discovered the fruits of eBay and went to town on their vintage patterns up for auction. I now have about 20 or 30. In my defense, I got most for under $5 and I took advantage of discounted or free shipping from certain sellers. I have to hold myself back from shopping on there for any more. My bf says I need to actually sew some of the dresses before I spend money on more patterns.

So many rules! (But, I admit, he is right.)

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