Tuesday, November 13, 2007

About my blog's name...

I used to speak French. Fluently.

But now I rarely speak it, read it, or write it. When first creating this blog, I thought it would be cool to give it a French name, to reflect my love of everything French. So I whipped out a French-English dictionary and looked up how to say "handmade" in French. Only lately, I keep stumbling upon sources that lead me to believe I translated it incorrectly.

Like this one.

So I used the infinitive instead of the conjugated verb. Oh, well. I guess this blog is just literally "to make by hand" instead of "made by hand," as I originally intended. C'est la vie!

It's a good thing most Americans speak Spanish as their second language, not French.

If anyone wants to correct me or make me feel better about butchering my favorite European language, feel free.

An update:

Per Kacie's request, this is how you say my blog's name (for all of you non-French speakers out there) -- fair (as in the festival) - ah - lah - man (but a softer version, don't enunciate the end of it). Does that makes sense? Fair-ah-lah-man.


Kacie said...

I always wondered what your blog name meant. I figured it meant "crafty blog."

I think it's good that your title is actually in the infinitive. This way, your blog can show people the process of, and how to make something by hand.

Also, maybe throw up a pronunciation guide for all of us who learned Spanish? :)

Acornbud said...

Thanks for the French lessons. Can't wait to see your sewing project.