Sunday, November 25, 2007


Last Tuesday I met up with my knit group friend Opal to chat and knit. She lent me three books (and actually gave me on of them! How nice of her!) to look at for beginning projects. I continued to work on my knitting, and she suggested I do stockinette for the rest of the dishcloth that is my first project.

I think it went well, and fast, too (I only messed up and did the wrong stitch for a whole row once):

Dishcloth, getting there

This is the purl side, which isn't my favorite side:

Stockinette - purl side

And saving the best for last, I present to you my favorite side, the knit side!

Stockinette - knit side

It's so pretty. The purl side is so boring, I think.

We're going to try to meet up again this coming Tuesday, but hopefully I'll have worked on it more before then. I think I really enjoy working on my yarn projects with other people, so I haven't been picking them up while I'm on my own.


Acornbud said...

coming along!

Opal said...

Yay for stockinette stitch! It looks fabulous! :)