Thursday, November 22, 2007

Christmas list, very crafty

I haven't worked on any crafty things this week (so far), except for sewing in that new zipper (which was on a skirt that I wore for a job interview, which went so well I got the job. So let's give another round of applause for hand sewing!). But I did make my Christmas list, which is obviously sewing-heavy.

First and foremost in the sewing category, I asked for cool fabrics. I didn't specify anything other than cool prints and solids in special fabrics are great, and I prefer natural fibers. I really hope people don't get scared away by the broadness of this list item. Cuz I really like fabrics, but can never buy them for myself unless they're remnants, or I have a specific project in mind (that I actually intend to make).

Then I asked for a dress form. I've been wanting one for ages. I priced them, sobbed, and then sobbed more when I looked at the shipping to Hawaii. This would be a very helpful item, and would actually improve the decor of "my side" of the main room of the apartment (where my computer and sewing stuff live). Two for one!

I also asked for cool sewing notions, if anyone comes across them. I have no idea what I'm asking for here, but I thought it covered all the other bases.

I asked for yarn, although nothing of a heavy weight or super warm quality. My new knit/crochet friends have successfully convinced me to make things for myself, as I've rarely done that in the past with crochet. Knitting will possibly turn over a new leaf in my project direction, I think.

And I asked for books and gift cards, which could translate into a whole bunch of surprises, discoveries, and fun mini shopping sprees.

But more importantly, I now know who all I need to buy Christmas gifts for (my extended family draws names so we all buy a gift for a specific person), so I can officially plan out what I'm going to make and buy. I need to get on it. I want to have it all done before I fly home for the holidays, so I have little or no shopping left to do.


Acornbud said...

There is a way to make a dressform out of duct tape. I have an article about it in one of my old mags. I'll try and find it. google duct tape dressform. Maybe we can have a party, heh.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Bee said...

That would be very cool, but I want a dress form that can be adjusted, for size changes. But if I could do that, I would!

Bethany said...

I've tried making the tape dummies twice, and I just could not get anything about them to turn out correctly. It's very difficult to finish one, once it's made, and you have to have a very patient helper.

I've heard really good things about this dress form:
There's a couple of coupons here:
I wish I were in the market for a dress form this Christmas, but I'm afraid I'll have to downsize soon, as opposed to add to my things.
Hope you get at least one thing from every category on your list!

Bee said...

Thanks for the links, Bethany! (I'm a Bethany, too, so it's kinda funny to type that -- I don't meet very many others!)
I like the idea of spending much less on a dress form and making it myself, but I think my skills aren't there yet. Someday, though!