Thursday, October 18, 2007

Projects to make the bathroom pretty

Our bathroom is boring. It has white walls and white tile, as well as a white floor and cabinets. The only decoration was a vase with frogs on it and a fake bunch of shamrocks. It's not my style, to say the least. So I moved the vase to the living room, where it can blend it with the surroundings.

I found a pillowcase set and matching twin flat sheet on and immediately knew what I would do with them. I've made an exterior shower curtain out of a twin flat sheet before, for my college apartment, but that has been lost in the depths of storage.

The pillowcases had different prints on each side of the cases, so to make the window curtain all one print, I separated the two sides and then sewed up the two polka dot sides, making sure that the folded ends weren't stitched together all the way through, so that there was a nice big pocket for the tension rods. I finished all the seams, too. The window is tall, so I pulled the mini blind down a bit at the top.

New curtains in the bathroom

For the shower curtain, I measured the width of the shower opening and then added about 5 inches (the shower opening is small, about 24 inches) to it so it wouldn't be tight. i measured the length to where I wanted it to fall, then cut it out and finished all the seams. I made buttonholes with my machine for the curtain rings to go through. And viola! My bathroom looks much nicer and more homey, too. On the counter is a reed diffuser in a nice, light, mango scent that is making it smell less like a bathroom, too. But I bought that.

Curtains up close

I have plenty of leftover fabric from these projects, too, so I'm thinking of ways to use it. I'll keep you all posted!

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Susie said...

Lets some good light in, and looks wonderful, too!