Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Yarning on the bus

So I'm taking the bus to work now. I brought along my current yarn project, and I crocheted while I rode across the Pali.

But just as I got ready to put away my project in preparation for my stop, I realized I completely messed up -- I didn't turn (or turned twice? Is that possible?) and made two motifs on the wrong part of the item. (I'm intentionally not telling you what it is, because it's a gift. Holiday season really messes up the crafty blogging, huh?)

In the evening, I had leftovers from lunch on my lap, so I couldn't balance crochet again. Oh, well, there's tomorrow.

But the really great news: I sat sideways on the bus while crocheting (for a good 20 minutes), and didn't get the slightest bit car sick. Yay! That's a major feat for me!


Opal said...

I'm so glad you finally got a chance to yarn on the bus! That's valuable time you don't want to waste. :-)

Bee said...

Yes -- this will hopefully help me finish my holiday projects that are portable. I guess the only downside is that there are distractions on the bus, with so many other people around.