Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Cozy alpaca toboggan hat

I now live in a warm climate, but last winter I lived in a very cold and windy place. With many of my possessions in storage, I couldn't find my winter hat, so I crocheted a new one:

I used leftovers from the Misti Alpaca chunky yarn that I used on some Christmas gifts. I started at the top and crocheted in a circular fashion. I had to start over a few times to be sure I got the shape and size correct. The top sticks up a little, quite like an elf hat, but it falls down nicely when I want it to. I can also store things in it, if need be. The yarn is very warm, but not scratchy, like most wools.

And now it's away in storage again. But it's a great hat, and when I visit family at Christmas, I'll be sure to forage for it and use it to protect my head and ears from the winter weather.

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